RICOH G700SE GPS-Ready Camera

The G700SE has all of the waterproof, dust resistance and shock resistance performance you would expect from a camera designed for use in harsh environments,
but it now comes equipped with Bluetooth® and wireless LAN capability as standard.

It features bluetooth, and WiFi, and is available with a number of options, including the GPS unit, and Barcode scanner, as well as the usual tough features: a water, dust and shock resistant body, 12.1 megapixel sensor, wide angle 5x optical zoom lens (28-140mm), chemical resistance, 10 metre flash, SD-WORM password lock support, and electronic level.


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Shock resistance NEW

Enhanced shock resistance tough
enough to pass a 2.0 m drop test

Despite its small size and light weight, the G700SE has strengthened glass at the lens front surface and body protectors added at strategic points. This toughness enabled it to withstand 2.0 m drops in 26 positions (6 surfaces, 8 corners, and 12 edges) in testing conforming to US Department of Defense “MIL Standard 810F.” Furthermore, it also passes this test with the power on.

Water resistanceNEW

IPX8 equivalent water resistance enables two hours of use at 5 m depth

Water resistance is rated at JIS/IEC waterproof protection grade 8 so the G700SE can handle two hours of underwater photography at a depth of 5 m. In addition to use at wet sites, the G700SE can also be used for shooting in the rain, and it can be washed in water if it gets dirty.

Dust and cold resistance

Toughness for the most demanding sites

Dust resistance, at JIS/IEC dustproof protection grade 6, guards against infiltration by dust and sand. The G700SE can also shoot in cold environments, with cold resistance able to handle temperatures down to -10°C.


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